About IMK Jewelry


A collection of handcrafted jewelry rich in texture, and designed to be lavishly layered, yet simple enough for everyday wear.  

DESIGN: Every charm I design represents family, faith, or purpose, and is inspired by the phrase "I Am", as in, I Am a Daughter, or I Am a Sister.  From there I start doodling, researching, and sketching symbols and images that represent the phrase I'm trying to connect people to. Every detail is considered - the size has to be just right, the charm needs to look good on a necklace or bracelet, and the design should be fitting for all ages.  It is incredibly rewarding to see my sketches come to life turns my designs into beautiful charm jewelry.
PACKAGING: At IMK we want your jewelry purchase to be a delight, from order, to wear.  That's why your jewelry will be packaged with care, in a signature box, inside a platinum satin pouch, with care instructions. So whether these new jewels are for your closet, or someone elses, you can rest assured your order will be gift-ready, no matter who its for.  
QUALITY: IMK is a collection of Handmade everyday layering jewelry, exclusive Keepsake Charm jewelry, and select pieces from other designers.
Handmade Jewelry is crafted using 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and genuine gemstones.  These materials provide rich texture and are long lasting, so you can feel confident that you'll be enjoying your jewelry for years to come. 
Curated pieces that IMK carries are either 14k gold vermeil, 14k gold fill, or sterling silver.
In addition, IM Keepsakes charms are crafted of .925 sterling silver, and plated with Rhodium for added shine, protection, tarnish resistance, and to make them hypoallergenic.  To make life easy, my charms attach to necklaces or bracelets with a super secure lobster clasp - no need to solder!  Though my designs are unique, the quality and size are compatible with James Avery, so feel free to mix and match.
WHAT IS 14K GOLD FILL, OR 14/20 GOLD FILL?  Gold fill has 100 times more gold content than a gold plated item, or gold vermeil, and can be worn like pure 14k gold.  Rather than 'dipping' the metal in 14k gold, gold fill means the gold has mechanically bonded to the metal or sterling silver underneath and the gold is 5 - 10 times thicker, and will last up to 30 years. Gold fill jewelry is also recommended for people with metal sensitivities. 
WHAT IS GOLD VERMEIL? Gold vermeil is 14k gold over sterling silver, rather than gold plate which is over a base metal.  Gold vermeil will not turn, will last a long time with proper care.
WHAT IS RHODIUM?: Rhodium is part of the platinum family.  When Sterling Silver is coated with Rhodium it provides greater strength, durability, a brighter finish, and tarnish resistance.   
CARE TIPS: Enjoy wearing your IMK jewelry daily, but please remove before exercise or swimming, and avoid exposure to water/sweat/dirt. To clean use a mild detergent and water, dry thoroughly, or use a silver polishing cloth. Avoid jewelry cleaners and chemicals, as they may cause the Rhodium plating to wear off.  Store is a plastic bag or jewelry pouch.
CUSTOM DESIGNS: IMK offers custom designs for you personally, and for organizations. In fact, I have designed many custom pieces for charities, churches, dance studios and schools. Simply email me, and let me know what you're interested in and I'm happy to sketch a design for you that fits within your budget, whatever it may be.