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Runner Girl Charm

im keepsakes

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Whether she loves to run track for speed, long distances for the challenge, or just loves to run with joy, she'll proudly wear this Runner Girl charm on her bracelet or as a pendant on a necklace. Our Runner Girl epitomizes "Running with Joy" with the happy oversized bow in her hair and the half-smile on her face - even while she’s mid-stride. A great gift for a special runner in your life!

Sterling silver Runner Girl charm is 3D and has a pink crystal in the bow for added sparkle. Add a complimentary Swarovski birthstone crystal to personalize her Runner charm. See Options. Runner charm is 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. Includes the quote-card:
I Am a Runner
"Run with joy. Find joy in everything you do."
- Gilbert Tuhabonye, Olympian, Genocide Survivor, and Inspirational Running Coach

Every i.m. keepsakes charm is custom designed and crafted in the USA of the highest quality sterling silver. Charms are hand finished with amazing detail, and coated in a fine, protective Rhodium finish.

Vendor: im keepsakes

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